Accept crypto payments on your website

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Accept crypto payments on your website

Apirone is a leading payment gateway provider that simplifies the integration of cryptocurrency payments for businesses. Apirone offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, allowing merchants to seamlessly integrate crypto into their platforms.

Apirone Review And Best Alternatives

In this article, Apirone review, we will look at one of the best cryptocurrency payment gateways and highlight its features.

Payment gateways have transformed online transactions by securely processing various payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. They create a reliable and secure environment for businesses to expand their customer base and enhance user experience. With robust encryption and fraud prevention measures, payment gateways ensure the safety of sensitive financial information.

In this review, we examine Apirone, a leading payment gateway provider that simplifies the integration of cryptocurrency payments for businesses. Apirone offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, allowing merchants to integrate crypto into their platforms seamlessly. From generating payment addresses to tracking transactions and receiving notifications, Apirone provides a user-friendly and secure interface for businesses entering the world of cryptocurrencies and more features that we’ll look at.

About Apirone: Simplifying Bitcoin Payments for Businesses.

Apirone is a trusted payment gateway provider that simplifies crypto payments for businesses. Seamlessly integrate crypto into your platform with their comprehensive solutions, including generating payment addresses, tracking transactions, and receiving secure notifications. Streamline your transactions, expand your customer base, and enhance the payment experience with Apirone.

Apirone Features: Simplify and Secure Your Bitcoin Payments.

Apirone offers a range of powerful features designed to simplify and secure crypto payments for businesses. We’re taking a deep look into its features during this Apirone review.

Flexible Fee Policy

You can choose a convenient fee plan that is profitable for your payments (percentage or fixed).

Isolated Addresses and Wallets.

Your crypto funds are isolated from other customers. You can transfer coins from your desired addresses or withdraw them from your wallet.

Safe and Secure.

Apirone’s RESTful API uses SSL as a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted connection to Apirone’s payment gateway.

Plugins Support.

Apirone supports the following Plugins:

  1. WooCommerce
  2. OpenCart

File Sharing.

Simplify your payment process by creating multiple wallets for different tasks or payments. Each wallet acts as a container of addresses, allowing you to attach a specific address to a file and facilitate seamless payments. With Apirone, even if a customer closes and reopens the page, their payment address can be retrieved from the database for hassle-free transactions.

Telegram Bot & Messenger Integration.

Modern instant messengers have transformed how we conduct business, allowing us to sell, purchase, transfer, and store data easily. Furthermore, Apirone takes full advantage of this power by enabling seamless automation of these processes through Telegram chatbots. Also, with Apirone, you can effortlessly offer products, accept payments to your crypto address, and even deliver digital products, all within the Telegram platform.

By launching your own Telegram bot, you can significantly expand your sales capacity. Even if you lack other online platforms, the bot can be a powerful driver to kickstart your online sales efforts. Apirone empowers you to tap into the vast potential of Telegram’s user base and streamline your sales process.

The selling mechanism with Apirone’s Telegram chatbot is straightforward and efficient:

  1. Customer Connection: Firstly, Customers connect to your Telegram bot, initiating the sales process.
  2. Organized Product Catalog: A comprehensive product catalog is contained in the bot, making it easy for customers to browse and select their desired products using simple commands.
  3. Smooth Payment Process: Once customers know the price, they can choose their preferred payment method. After that, The bot creates an invoice for payment in the required cryptocurrency, providing customers with a QR code and a payment address.
  4. Completion of Sale: Finally, as funds are received in your wallet, the bot considers the sale completed. Also, it provides customers with purchase details or even delivers the product itself if it can be delivered digitally.

Charity and Donations.

Apirone facilitates easy and secure cryptocurrency-based charity and donation processes. By leveraging Apirone’s features, you can seamlessly collect donations and process payments for charitable causes. Apirone ensures the safety of sensitive financial information, providing a reliable and efficient platform for your philanthropic endeavors.

Supported Cryptocurrencies.

Apirone Mainly supports 4 coins at the moment, which are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin. We hope that Apirone supports more coins in the future.


How much are Apirone Fees?

You can choose between Percentage Fee, which is 1% For all transfers, or Fixed Fees, which is about 0.0005BTC. But you need to understand Apirone’s Conditions of withdrawal in order to choose what suits you the best.
Firstly, you should know that all incoming transactions are free of charge for customers and merchants.
Apirone offers a transparent pricing structure that ensures clarity and fairness in its payment services. By understanding the withdrawal conditions, forwarding features, and fee-free limits, you can effectively manage costs and make informed decisions regarding your transactions.

Conditions of Withdrawal:
Regular payments: With Apirone, you enjoy the flexibility of regular payments and the ability to transfer funds from your savings wallet. The good news is that a fee is only charged when you make a withdrawal. This means that you can process regular transactions without incurring any additional charges until you choose to withdraw funds.

Forwarding: Apirone’s forwarding feature allows for seamless and efficient payment processing. Incoming payments are promptly forwarded from a temporary address to your external wallet once network confirmation(s) are received. This ensures quick access to your funds and smooth transaction flow.

Fee-Free Limit: Apirone provides a fee-free limit, enabling you to transfer funds below a specific amount without incurring any service fees. This means that for transfers below this limit, you can enjoy cost-free transactions, making it an ideal option for smaller payments or frequent transfers.

Network Fees: Sending a transaction on the blockchain network requires a network fee, which is separate from Apirone’s service fee. The network fee is based on blockchain transaction fee predictions and the current network congestion.

Is Apirone Safe?

As we mentioned before in this Apirone review, Apirone’s RESTful API uses SSL as a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted connection to Apirone’s payment gateway. Which means you are completely safe using Apirone.

What Countries Does Apirone Support?

Fortunately, Apirone works in all countries.

Getting Started on Apirone.

In this part of your Apirone review, we are going to demonstrate how you can get started on the platform and set up your account.

Create an Account.

Firstly, head to Apirone’s Dashboard and proceed with creating your account.
Now, you can use your Account ID and Transfer Key in order to log in to your account. Write them down and save them somewhere safe and unforgettable.

View Your Dashboard.

Now that you’ve logged in, you can view your wallet’s status and Invoices. You can view Apirone API Documentation page for a detailed how-to in order to proceed with integrations into your website or creating invoices.


Simplify your business’s Bitcoin payments with Apirone, a reliable payment gateway. Apirone offers an easy-to-use platform that streamlines your payment processes, expands your sales capacity with Telegram chatbot integration, and optimizes your profitability with flexible fee options. Enjoy transparent pricing, including fee-free limits and forwarding capabilities, ensuring clear and efficient transactions. Apirone prioritizes security, user experience, and innovative solutions, making it the ideal choice for businesses embracing cryptocurrency payments.


  1. User-Friendly Interface
  2. Flexible Fee Options
  3. Integration with Telegram Chatbot


  1. Limited Cryptocurrency Support