Automated Crypto Trading Platform

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Automated Crypto Trading Platform

WunderTrading allows you to start trading and investing in crypto seamlessly. Copy traders, trade using the advanced trading terminal, or create a fully automated trading bot using TradingView.

WunderTrading Review And Best Alternatives

In this article, we’ll review WunderTrading, a comprehensive automated crypto trading platform. Also, we’ll highlight the platform’s features, pros and cons.

Automated trading allows traders to specify rules for both entries and exits. Computers automatically execute them with no human error. By using such precise rules, you can maximize your trades’ precision and, therefore, profit. Of course, one of the biggest attractions of automated trading is that it isolates emotions from trading, which might significantly affect your trades.

Due to the great demand for more and more automated trading with unique features, many automated trading platforms are rising and introducing various features. Features like copy-trading, pre-made bots, marketplace, arbitrage, and more are hard to find in one place; however, WunderTrading is one of those comprehensive platforms that can solve this complex equation.

About WunderTrading.

WunderTrading Trading is a platform that allows you to start trading and investing in cryptocurrency seamlessly. Copy trade the best crypto traders with a transparent track record, trade yourself using the advanced trading terminal, or create a fully automated trading bot using TradingView.

WunderTrading Features.

In the following part, we’ll focus more on WunderTrading features and what impressed us during the platform’s review.

Crypto Signal Marketplace.

One of the biggest social trading gatherings, as there are hundreds of signal providers. You can follow export traders after seeing all their previous trades; also, you can follow premade bots. Once you follow a trader or a bot, your account will copy all the new signals to your account in real-time; therefore, you’ll get the same profits as they do.

WunderTrading market place is a comprehensive place for copy trading.
WunderTrading marketplace is a comprehensive place for copy trading.

You can start copy trading after clicking on “Marketplace” on the left menu on your dashboard. Also, you can check all the traders you follow by clicking on “Copy-trading.”

Crypto Trading Bot.

WunderTrading Trading will help you to automate any TradingView scripts into a fully functioning crypto trading bot. With their easy-to-use automated trading software, you can construct and adjust any crypto bot in a matter of seconds.

Create your trading bots on WunderTrading.
Create your trading bots on WunderTrading.
Many parameters are available for editing.
Many parameters are available for editing.

WunderTrading’s trading bots are unique; here are some of the features that are hard to find elsewhere:

Limit entries.

This feature will allow you to set the Bid / Ask / Last price for the limit entries. You could also select the price deviation from the signal of entry.

Limit your entries.
The fixed trading amount.

You can specify a percentage of your portfolio for the bot to use in this strategy.

Fixed trading amount on WunderTrading.
Fixed trading amount on WunderTrading.
Multiple entries (pyramiding).

Multiple entries can scale into the position if you have several signals in the same direction. Example: If your bot triggered the Long entry and then, after some time, the movement repeats itself, you will have an additional entry if this feature is available.

Exit All.

If the option is enabled, then one exit alert will exit all open positions for the corresponding side.

Smart Trading.

A flexible way of creating orders for smart trading: adding and editing Take Profit, Stop Loss and Trailing stops to any order. Operate as many crypto trading accounts as you want at the same time with automated trade execution.

Smart trading terminal.
Smart trading terminal.

Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA).

DCA is an investment method in which you buy a particular portion of the asset after the determined price deviation. This strategy allows you to lower the market volatility and improve your overall position entry price. You can choose this strategy while trading on WunderTrading.

Crypto Portfolio Tracker.

A comprehensive portfolio tracker that covers all your assets and shows you all your holdings on all your connected exchanges.

Overview your portfolio and connected exchanges to your WunderTrading account.
Overview your portfolio and connected exchanges to your WunderTrading account.

Multiple Account Management.

Very powerful feature; you can manage different accounts. While creating a strategy or a trading bot, you can choose which API key to use; you can also manage them through the trading terminal, which makes managing your accounts really easy and comprehensive.

Arbitrage Тrading.

Coming soon on WunderTrading, this feature allows you to take advantage of price differences on markets; therefore, you can have different sources of profit.

Supported Exchanges.

Luckily, WunderTrading supports a wide range of common exchanges, currently supported exchanges:

  • Binance
  • BitMEX
  • FTX
  • Deribit
  • Bybif
  • KuCoin
  • OKEX
  • HitBTC
  • FTX US
  • Bitpanda pro
  • Bittrex

Coming soon exchanges:

  • Huobi
  • Binance US
  • gate.io
  • Coinbase pro
  • Gemini
  • Bitfinex
  • Poloniex
Supported exchange by WunderTrading.
Supported exchange by WunderTrading.


Is WunderTrading Easy to Use?

Definitely, yes, as during our WunderTrading review, everything was clear. You might need some time to get used to the platforms for novice traders, but expert traders will definitely find no problem using the platform and all of its features.

Is WunderTrading Safe?

Yes, WunderTrading connects to your exchange account through API keys which have proved to be secure over the years. You can control the permissions granted to WunderTrading through the API key, usually placing orders. You can also enable 2FA for extra security.

What Are WunderTrading Plans?

The platform provides four different plans, including a free one. Prices range from $9.95 to $44.95, and you can get a %50 discount if you pay annually. For further information, visit WunderTrading Pricings.

Get Strated on WunderTrading.

In the following part of our WunderTrading review, we’ll demonstrate how to create an account on WunderTrading, connect your exchange, and create your first bot.

Sign up on WunderTrading.

Firstly, visit the WunderTrading sign-up page, enter your information, and make sure to use a unique, strong password for extra protection.

Verify Your Account.

After submitting your information, check your email for a verification link from the WunderTrading team to verify your account.

Connect Your Exchange.

To connect your exchange on WunderTrading, click on “My Exchanges” and then “Add New” After that, you can enter your exchange’s API key and API secret.

Copy Trading on WunderTrading.

You can easily copy traders by clicking on “Marketplace” on the left menu of the dashboard. Next, you can view traders’ trading history, volume, profit/volume, and more. Choose the one that you won’t want to follow.

Create A Trading Bot on WunderTrading.

In order to create your first trading bot on WunderTrading, click on “Bots,” now, you can start editing parameters and creating your bot’s trading strategy. Note that you can also copy bots from the marketplace.


There’s no doubt that WunderTrading should be one of your main considerations due to the various features that the platform provides. However, there are still cons. Here’s our pros and cons list for WunderTrading.


  • Many traders are available to copy
  • Multiple accounts management
  • New features coming soon


  • Creating trading requires a Tradingview experience.
  • Some major exchanges are still not supported yet.