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AI-powered crypto investment marketplace

A matching platform where you can copy the best traders on Binance 24/7 automatically. Demo accounts with a $100,000 virtual portfolio are available.

GT APP Review And Best Alternatives

Automated trading is growing a lot in popularity. And that’s for many reasons. In fact, it is easy to use, beginner-friendly, and, most importantly, profitable.
That’s why in this article, we’ll review GT APP. A new player in the field, will GT APP be the best?

About GT APP.

GT APP is an automated trading platform with many features. Keep your trades up with 24/7 online bots to keep up with the market. You can adjust bots and put strategies for maximizing your profit.

GT APP Features.

As we mentioned, GT APP offers a complete package for beginners and for professionals too; let’s get to them.

Demo Trading.

Demo trading is useful when it comes to avoiding real losses and testing strategies. Moreover, you can automate demo trading as well. A convenient feature for beginners and experts too.

Various Trading Bots.

GT APP has a good collection of bots, and you can adjust bots to fit your strategies. Also, you can create your own bots for further adjustment.

Copy Trading.

If you want to rely on an expert, you can. GT APP offers you to subscribe to any of the top traders and copy their trading bots, and you’ll get the same results as them.

But, you need to pay a subscription for traders to copy their bots.

Get Notified on Telegram.

You can get updates from your bots on Telegram. That can come in very handy to keep you updated with what’s happening with your trades.

Supported Exchanges.

Currently, GT APP supports Binance and all cryptocurrencies within it. However, we expect that GT APP will support many other exchanges soon.


Is GT APP Easy to Use?

Relatively yes. GT APP is still under development, so you might face some UI problems. However, GT APP is efficient when it comes to bots and placing orders.

Is GT APP Secure?

Yes. Your exchange is connected to GT APP with an encrypted API key. Also, you can change permissions given to GT APP when generating an API key on your exchange.

Does GT APP Have Support?

Yes, GT APP cares about their clients, and you can submit a ticket and you’ll get a reply quickly.

How Are GT APP Pricings?

Coming with a free plan, GT APP planning starts at $39~$89. Their plans have various features. You’ll find a plan that fits your needs. Also, it’s good to mention that GT APP doesn’t charge any fees on your transactions.

Get Started on GT APP.

Getting started on GT APP will only take you a couple of minutes for the whole process. We’ll take you through creating an account, connecting your exchange, and starting your first bot.

Create Your Account.

Creating your account is simple. Visit GT APP’s main page and navigate to their sign-up page. Then, enter your information. You can also continue using Facebook, Google, or Telegram.

Verify Your Account.

After submitting your information, check your email for an email from GT APP continuing verification link to confirm your account.

Connect Your Exchange.

As we cleared, GT APP supports Binance exchange only -For now.
So after generating an API key on Binance -check our guide for Binance if you don’t know how to.
Firstly, on the right bar, click on ‘Exchange’, then, enter your API key and secret key and ‘Connect exchange’
Also, you can connect your Binance account using a broker’s account,

Set up Your First Bot.

To create or chose a bot, click on ‘Bots’ on the right then, you can choose the bot you want to add or create a new bot.

Copy Traders.

Copy trading is a very essential feature for trading beginners.
To start copying trading, click on ‘Top bots,’ and you’ll see a list of the best trading bots made by other traders, and you can copy them by subscribing.


In this GT APP review, we’ve collected all about GT APP, and for further precision, we’ve collected what we think about GT APP as pros & cons.


  • Copy-trading.
  • Simple interface.
  • Bots adjustments.


  • Supports Binance only.
  • No mobile app.
  • Some issues with the responsivity of GT APP UI.