Crypto backtesting platform

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Crypto backtesting platform

Discover new strategies, fine-tune your trading edge, and make data-driven decisions with cleo’s powerful backtesting platform. Review And Best Alternatives

In this article, review, we’ll be looking at one of the newest automated trading platforms and highlighting all of the platform’s features.

There’s no doubt that traders, especially crypto traders, would love to be present in the market 24/7 so that they can quickly react to market moves, notice trends as quickly as possible, etc. However, humans are not capable of that.

Automated trading platforms have solved such an issue by allowing customizable bots to run your strategies and execute your orders. Whatsoever the strategy that you want to execute, trading bots will always be able to do it.

About brings powerful, well-informed trading automation to independent traders that don’t want to spend time on coding but need to be present in the markets 24/7, with perfect execution. You can create strategies through simple typing. You can also test them for crypto, forex and stocks, deployed on live trading as crypto bots or paper trading and demoed on real-time market conditions.

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In the upcoming part of the review, let’s further understand the platform; therefore, we can realize amazing capabilities.

Comprehensive Dashboard.

Of course, traders would want everything in their sight; that’s why has a comprehensive, clean, and sleek dashboard that allows you to move between different sections seamlessly.

choose your asset class on review
Choose your asset class.

No Coding Required.

Once you start on the platform -more on that later- the first thing you think about is creating your first strategies. In fact, that can be somehow hard on other platforms. However, made creating strategies much easier in a way that suits novice and expert users.

You can choose between over 100,000 rules for your strategy, which allows you to create specific and accurate ones. review doesn't require coding.
Set-up your trading strategy.

Backtest Your Strategies.

After creating a strategy, the first thing you’d want to know is how efficient your strategy is. lets you test your trading strategies, no matter if they are simple or complex, in minutes. Historical data runs back for as many years as an asset has.

You can review your strategies performance
Backtest your strategies.

Paper Trading.

In case you’re new and worried about pushing real funds into trading, or if you want to test your strategies in the current market conditions, you can always go on with paper trading.

Paper trading simulates the current market conditions and applies your trading strategies. Therefore you can see results and get an insight into how your strategy would perform.

You can paper trade in review.
Paper trading minimizes your losses.

Free Strategies.

In case you are still trading without a trading strategy, you might find it hard to improve your actions or improve your trading results. features free strategies, all profitable when historically tested that you can modify or straight-up trade. review free strategies
Pick up one of the free trading strategies.

Supported Exchanges.

As a relatively new platform, supports the top 5 exchanges, which are Binance, Binance US, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, HitBTC. Also, they’re planning to support more exchanges in the near future.


Is Safe? uses state-of-the-art encryption. You never transfer any funds to them; they always stay on the exchange.
Also, your exchange is connected to through API keys, which only allow trades and don’t allow withdrawals. Furthermore, you can edit permissions granted within the API key.

Is Easy to Use?

During our review, we found that the platform is easy, and everything is straightforward. Due to the comprehensive dashboard, sleek design, and simple commands, you can get used to the platform within 15 minutes or less.

What Are pricing plans? has four different plans for different types of users. Starting at 69€ up to 349€ per month with a free plan, you can check plans here or in the image below.

Get Started on

After talking about features, in the following part of the review, we’ll demonstrate how to get started on

Create An Account.

Firstly, head to the plans page and choose the plan that suits you the most.
After that, you can proceed with the sign-up process, enter your email and password, and check your email for a verification message, simple as that.

Connect Your Exchange Account.

As we mentioned, works by connecting your exchange through API keys to the platform. The first thing you need to do is head to your exchange and generate an API key.
After that, choose your desired exchange and enter your API key and API secret, as simple as that.

Create A Strategy.

To start creating your first strategy, on the left menu of the dashboard, click on “Create New Strategy,” choose your asset class, and enter some settings like timeframe, currency, exchange, etc.
After that, continue by choosing rules and conditions for your trades. You can also have close conditions or stop-loss.

Choose A Free Strategy.

To choose between different premade strategies, click on “Free Strategies” on the left menu; now, you can view tens of available free strategies.
On clicking on a strategy, you can view its previous trades, profits, and losses.


After a mouthful of review, we think that the platform is worth the shot. However, there are a few things that we didn’t like about pros and cons:


  • over 100,000 rules
  • Tens of free strategies
  • Backtest and demo trading is available.
  • simple UI
  • responsive support


  • Some functions are still under development.
  • Lacks support of some major exchanges