Bravo Bot

Commission-Based Crypto Trading Bot

  • 15% of profit

Commission-Based Crypto Trading Bot

Bravo Bot creators believe everyone deserves equal access to their premium high-performance trading servers. They have thrown out the idea of expensive subscription fees that don’t even guarantee break even.

Bravo Bot Review And Best Alternatives

During this article: Bravo Bot review, we will take a tour through the platform, explaining all its features, pros, and cons.

The cryptocurrency market is a volatile market and can be very profitable for those who are quick, observable, and awake. Due to the fast changes in prices, investors can make huge profits out of small investments in a short amount of time by making many trades.

Cryptocurrency trading bots have some to solve challenging issues traders have always wanted to overcome, time. Trading bots will stay awake 24/7, monitoring the market and acting by your specific roles in addition to many other features that you can get.

There are many features and trading strategies that got much easier with the adoption of cryptocurrency trading bots, such as DCA, Scalping, Backtesting, paper trading, and more. Throughout this article, we will demonstrate and introduce you to Brave Bot, a brilliant cryptocurrency trading bot that could make your trading process more accessible, and more profitable.

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About Bravo Bot.

A cryptocurrency trading platform with a trailblazing pricing structure works with you instead of against you. Get access to tens of features and profitable trading bots.

Bravo Bot creators believe everyone deserves equal access to their premium high-performance trading servers. They have thrown out the idea of expensive subscription fees that don’t even guarantee break even. Instead, if your bots don’t profit, you don’t pay.

Bravo Bot Features.

After talking about Bravo Bot and giving a general introduction, it’s time to discuss the platform’s features in depth, through this Bravo Bot review.

24/7 High-Performance Trading.

BravoBot polls the market multiple times per minute. Thanks to BravoBot’s distributed and scalable architecture, it can quickly react to market movements.

Backtest With Confidence.

BravoBot’s advanced backtesting empowers users to backtest their custom strategy on up to 365 days of historical data. Additionally, users can specify the starting and ending date of a backtest.

Actionable Dashboards.

Understand your custom bots through our insightful, interactive dashboards, whether you want to view a summary of all your bots or drill down on a single bot. We’ve got you covered.

Strikingly Flexible Settings.

Each bot can have up to ten different strategies. Allowing for conditional logic like you have never seen before. Users can combine various indicators with multiple timeframes. Furthermore, with a single click, users can migrate their bot between backtesting and live trading to validate the bot’s performance.

Secure & Transparent.

Your BravoBot account is protected using industry-leading security protocols. BravoBot does not ask for withdrawal rights or private keys; BravoBot does not have the ability to withdraw funds from your exchange. All trades that BravoBot makes are also visible on the respective exchange on which it’s trading.


Working together with our users allows us to make a platform that empowers the users to be able to maximize their results. Chat with the team or BravoBot users on our contact channels.

Entry Strategies.

Entry Strategies tell a bot when it should buy into a trade. Each bot can currently have up to 10 strategies simultaneously, with up to 10 indicators per strategy. And here are all entry indicators now available to use in both live trading and backtesting.

  • Strength Index (RSI).
  • Simple Moving Average (SMA).
  • Exponential Moving Average (EMA).
  • Weighted Moving Average (WMA).
  • Bollinger Bands (BB)
  • Price Change (%)


How will BravoBot charge me the 15% commission?

The commission will be automatically subtracted from a user’s BravoBot wallet once a bot has made a profit. Also, know that BravoBot does not have access to withdraw from a user’s exchange. Users can replenish their BravoBot wallet inside the app.

How can I replenish my account balance?

BravoBot is working on multiple ways for users to deposit cryptocurrency. Currently, BravoBot supports the direct deposit of BEP20 BUSD tokens. This can be done directly from Binance or any other exchange.

Is Bravo Bot safe to use?

The short answer is yes. Bravo Bot connects to your exchange through an API key which is entirely safe to use and allows only trading orders; therefore, Bravo Bot has no permission to withdraw funds from your exchange.

What exchanges does Bravo Bot support?

Currently, Bravo Bot supports only Binance.

Getting Started with Bravo Bot.

Through the following part of our Bravo Bot review, we will guide you through creating an account on Bravo Bot and getting your first cryptocurrency trading bot going on.

Sign up on Bravo Bot.

Firstly, head to the Bravo Bot sign-up page to create your account. Enter your username and email address, and make sure to create a strong password.

Add Balance to Your Bravo Bot Wallet.

Bravo Bot’s commission will be subtracted from your wallet’s balance. Therefore, make sure to recharge your wallet in order to guarantee that your bots will not stop working.
On the top right corner, click on “Add funds to your balance”, then you can process depositing BUSD to your wallet. More options are coming soon.

Connect Your Binance Account to Bravo Bot.

In order to connect your exchange to Bravo Bot, first, click “Setting” on the left menu. After that, click on “API Key.” Then, you can proceed with adding your API keys.

Backtest Your Trading Strategy.

Before deploying a live bot, it’s always recommended to backtest your strategy. You can backtest your strategies on Bravo Bot by clicking on “Control Panel” under “Backtest Bot Administration” on the left menu. Then you can adjust different parameters for your strategy and backtest it for up to 365 days.

Create a Live Bot.

In order to create your first live bot, make sure you have connected an exchange to your Bravo Bot account and created a virtual wallet. After that, click on “Control Panel” under “Live Bot Administration” on the left menu. On that window, you can start creating and adjusting the live bot.


There is no doubt that automated trading has brought something new to traders and investors. You can connect your exchanges under the roof of one platform and trade at them simultaneously. You can be assured that the trading bot follows your orders strictly, and you will not miss any good trading chance.

Bravo Bot is very powerful in backtesting your trading strategy and creating a trading bot. The platform is very simple and straightforward; you will get used to it in a few minutes. After our Bravo Bot review, here is our pros and cons list.


  • Very simple and easy to use
  • It doesn’t require a subscription
  • Powerful backtesting


  • Supports only Binance
  • Misses paper trading