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Invest In Crypto | Crypto Bot Trading

Botsfolio is an automated and cloud-based trading platform. It’ll only require you to connect your Binance account. Also, you can set risk levels for Botsfolio to use.

Botsfolio Review And Best Alternatives

In this article, Botsfolio review. We’ll look at the canny Botsfolio.

Cryptocurrency markets are volatile. As a result, it’s hard for new and mid-level investors to choose the right entry and exit times.

But this black horse, Botsfolio. It will make you invest with confidence and courage. Now let’s take a look at the black horse.

About Botsfolio.

Trading has a high-risk chance. Although this may be true. But, Botsfolio managed to minimize risk levels as much as possible.

Botsfolio is an automated and cloud-based trading platform. It’ll only require you to connect your Binance account.

Botsfolio is mainly for new and non-technical investors as It requires no strategic planning.

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Botsfolio Features.

As we said before, Botsfolio requires no strategic planning. Therefore, most of its features focus on trading bots. So, let’s take a look at Botsfolio’s bots.

Long Bot.

Building your portfolio is equally important to trading. Long bot seeks long-term chances to build up your portfolio using up to 10 different cryptos.

Scalper Bot.

Decidedly, you want to make a quick profit. And due to small price movements, the scalper bot could make a profit every few hours.

Swinger Bot.

It could make a profit a few times a week by determining price swings in one direction. Then, taking larger positions for a longer time frame.

Trendy Bot.

As the name suggests. The trendy bot looks for clear price movements. And then, it makes trades whenever the market is in a clear trend.

Hedge Bot.

When high volatility takes hedged positions and earns funding, it waits until the underlying asset takes a sharp direction. Then, cancels one leg of the trade.

Supported Exchanges.

Currently, Botsfolio works with Binance only. However, we believe Botsfolio will add more exchanges as soon as possible due to the high demand.


Is Botsfolio Safe to Use?

Yes, as you connect your Binance account using an API key. And for those who don’t know, you can control permissions granted to each API key.
Also, it’s good to mention that all trades are made on Binance. Meaning, your crypto will remain on Binance.

How Easy Is Botsfolio?

This Botsfolio review indicated that Botsfolio is for new and non-technical investors as it requires no strategic planning. Therefore, Botsfolio is super easy and beginner-friendly.

How’s Price Planning on Botsfolio?

Botsfolio charges you according to your portfolio capital. Also, they add performance fees to maintain their bots in the best cloud service.

Get Started on Botsfolio.

Sincerely, we found starting with Botsfolio simple and easy. That’s why the process of creating your account and connecting bots only takes a few minutes.

Create an Account.

Firstly, visit Botsfolio main page. Then, click on ‘Get Started’.
Now, enter your email and password. You can also sign-up using Google.

Verify Your Account.

Lastly, during the sign-up process. Visit your email and check for a verification link sent by Botsfolio team.

Select Your Investment Amounts.

At this stage, Botsfolio will take you through a questionnaire. So it can determine which bot fits you the most.
After finishing the questionnaire, Botsfolio will suggest the strategies that fit you the most. Acknowledge that you can adjust the percentage of your capital investment in each strategy however you want.

Connect Your Binance Exchange.

Finally, Botsfolio will detailly instruct you on how to connect your exchange with short videos.

Start Your Bots.

The final step is starting your bot. After setting up your account, Botsfolio will take you through setting up your bots to manage your trades.


The upshot of all, Botsfolio managed to impress us with how easy it was. We believe that Botsfolio achieved its message perfectly. Even though it still misses important features.


  • Simple and easy for beginners.
  • Trades according to your risk levels.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • No main features like paper trading and backtesting.
  • Botsfolio supports Binance only.