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  1. I will say this review is completely wrong because I am pretty sure the one who wrote this never actually used coinpanda. If one is simply using Coinbase or Binance, and all their transaction are done in those exchanges; coinpanda would be fast and easy to use. (well but in this case who still need to use coinpanda as those exchanges provided clear report already….)

    But if someone actually used metamask and have some transactions, and I am not talking about over 10,000 transactions; just a regular a few hundred transactions can easily make the system lag and the website will not respond. Also it have very limited supported tokens and have to manually input most of the data in by the users. That makes the whole situation much worse as their system calculation can easily take over 10~15 mins for even one slight changes, and we are taking about hundreds of manual changes needed.

    Then I reflect to the customer support, which is like near none. And I got frustrated and requested refund, just told me they will look into it and kept pressing me to try fixing the issue. It CANT be fixed if your system is that slow, and I am the last one that wants it fail cause I paid a few hundreds for it to purchase the most expensive plan….

    TL;DR : Coinpanda simply too slow and one manual update can take over 15 mins for the system to get back to work. Customer support close to none and impossible to get a refund. Don’t want anyone else to lost their money in this software therefore type it here. Can reply me for more detail and I can prove it. thanks!

    1. Problem has been resolved and have received replies from coinpanda, things has been resolved professionally and has changed my view, please ignore above comment, thanks!

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