Secure Hardware Wallet for Bitcoin, ETH, USDT and all crypto

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Secure Hardware Wallet for Bitcoin, ETH, USDT and all crypto

Founded in Malaysia in 2019 by a highly experienced group of IT professionals who combined the latest hardware and software technologies to build the most secure and simple hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies.

Prokey Review And Best Alternatives

There’s no doubt that hardware wallets, also known as cold wallets, provide a secure solution for software wallets. And because securing your crypto matters the most, this is a review of the Prokey hardware wallet.

There are many threats that hot wallets can’t face, and due to the fluctuating prices of cryptocurrencies, usage, and popularity, those threats increase as well. Those threats include viruses that can infect your computer and mobile phones, leaving hot wallets like software wallets in danger. Also, threats don’t have to be on your machines only; they can also be on servers; hackers may compromise software wallet services. Consequently, they may access your assets, which makes hardware wallets the solution.

The Prokey Optimum is a secure hardware wallet that protects your assets from external malicious software (malware). The device comes with many functions to ease and secure your crypto transactions. By storing your seed phrase and private key behind a secure firmware, you will keep your assets away from anyone trying to access them. This review will share everything we know about the Prokey Optimum to get you started.

About Prokey.

Founded in Malaysia in 2019 by highly experienced IT professionals, Prokey combines the latest hardware and software technologies to build one of the most secure and straightforward hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies.

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Prokey Features.

In the following part of Prokey review, we’ll highlight and demonstrate all of the device’s features that impressed us.

Secure Firmware.

Supply-chain attacks are cyber and physical attacks that damage an organization by targeting the less secure parts of specific supply chains. And, of course, those attacks have been the most concerning threats against hardware wallets. However, Prokey managed to find a solution.

When you purchase a Prokey device, you will receive it without any firmware installed. This security measure ensures that the only party to handle the device is you, and the only firmware source is Prokey. This way, you can be assured that the firmware you install is genuine and untampered.

USDT Support.

Tether or USDT is the most stable cryptocurrency because it’s backed up with the U.S. dollar. Also, its price is almost the same as the U.S. dollar, and the differences are negatable.

Prokey comes with complete, native support of USDT on the Ethereum and OMNI protocol blockchains, meaning you can store your USD as USDT and swap whenever you want using external exchanges.

All-in-One Wallet.

When reviewing hardware wallets, exposure to third-party hands always concerns us. However, the Prokey device is never exposed to any third-party software. Using the wallet’s interface, you can switch between all supported coins and tokens in one single interface.

Supported Cryptocurrencies.

Prokey supports over 1200 coins and tokens. Of course, leading coins like BTC, ETH, BNB, and LTC are supported.


What Happens If I Lose My Prokey Device?

Firstly, don’t worry; you can always recover your wallet in case of loss or damage if you have your wallet’s seed phrase. It’s essential to keep your recovery phrase somewhere safe because it’s the only way to recover your lost wallet.

Is Prokey Safe for My Assets?

Yes, Prokey has developed a safe firmware that protects against attacks. Also, the USB connection sends the confirmation messages, meaning your seed phrase never leaves your Prokey device. Furthermore, all transactions are done when you only confirm it on your Prokey device after viewing the amount transacted and the receiving address.

Is Prokey Easy to Use?

Indeed, Setting up your Prokey device takes only a few minutes, and making transactions is much easier. All you need to do is connect it to Prokey Wallet, a WebUSB-enabled browser interface, and then you can make transactions easily.

What’s Prokey Pricing?

Prokey has beautiful pricing. At only $59.00, you can get your Prokey hardware wallet and secure your assets.

What Comes with Prokey’s Box?

1 USB hardware wallet
2 USB cable
3 Recovery sheets

What Are Prokey Hardware Specs?

Size: 50mm x 41mm x 9.4mm.
Weight: 16.7g.
Connector: USB Type Micro-B.
Chips: STM32F205VG with True random number generator (RNG).
Compatible with Windows (7+), Mac (10.8+), Linux, Android.
ABS Plastic
No battery required

Getting Started with Prokey.

In the following part of the review, we’ll demonstrate how to get started with Prokey and make your first transactions.

Device unboxing.
Prokey device.

Connect Your Device.

The first thing to do is visit the Prokey wallet interface; your Prokey device’s software focuses mainly on Chromium-based browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Ed,ge thanks to the utilization of the WebUSB feature. After that, connect your Prokey device, and Prokey’s smart interface will recognize it immediately.

Install the Latest Firmware.

As we mentioned, Prokey comes without any firmware installed. Now, installing your firmware takes only 15 seconds.
Once this is done, disconnect the device and then reconnect it. Go to to confirm that the device has been successfully installed with the latest firmware.

Create a New Wallet.

After that, to create your first wallet, Click on the “Wallet” button on the top-right of the interface, and it will take you to the wallet’s page. Click on ‘Create A New Wallet,’ and a message will appear on your Prokey device to confirm a new wallet creation.

Backup Your Seed Phrase.

Earlier, we mentioned that the only way to recover your wallet in case of loss or damage is your seed phrase; that’s why this is the most important step.
You will be prompted to back up your 24-word seed phrase; consider using the recovery sheets that come with the device. Keep it somewhere safe and accessible by you only. Always avoid keeping softcopies of your recovery phrase.. isn’t that the whole point?

Proceed with Transactions.

In order to receive coins, on the Prokey wallet interface, click on the Receive button.
At this point, Prokey will ask you to check and confirm the address on your Prokey device screen. Make sure that the receiving address displayed on the screen matches the one displayed on the Prokey interface.
To start the process, click on the “Send” button on the left side of the interface to open up the Sending page; after that, enter the recipient’s address to which you are sending your coins. Also, enter the amount of coins that you’re willing to send. After pressing send, confirm the transaction on your Prokey device after checking both the amount and the recipient’s address.


After this long, detailed Prokey review, the device impressed us due to its security measurements. And of course, if you’re looking for a safe, secure, and definitely easy hardware wallet, we highly recommend Prokey. Here are our Prokey pros and cons list:


  • Comes without firmware installed.
  • Sleek design and premium feel.
  • Clear screen.
  • Safe USB connection.


  • It needs the web interface to make transactions

Finally, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this Prokey review, so feel free to connect with us in the comments section below.