Air-gapped Crypto Hardware Wallet

  • $139.00

Air-gapped Crypto Hardware Wallet

Ellipal is a hardware wallet that’s in complete isolation from the world. You only need an Ellipal device and a mobile app to access your wallet.

Ellipal Review And Best Alternatives

In this article, Ellipal Review, we’ll talk in-depth about Ellipal and how you can secure your crypto holdings. But why?

Malicious software and viruses in the internet-connected world can cause a lot of damage to your holdings of cryptocurrencies. How?

In simple words, public keys point at the wallet’s door. Using only public keys, you can leave packages at that door, and the wallet accepts them. But, if you want to access what’s behind the door either for withdrawing or transferring, you need the private key to open that door.

Most importantly, you can generate public keys using private keys. This means you can access any wallet if you only have its private key. Have you noticed how safe that private key should be?

Subsequently, cold wallets are created. A cold wallet means disconnected from the outside world, But it has safe ways to make transactions like scanning QR codes, etc.

About Ellipal.

Ellipal is a hardware wallet that’s in complete isolation from the world. You only need an Ellipal device and a mobile app to access your wallet.

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Ellipal Features.

What concerns us the most when it comes to cold wallets is their safety features and ease of use. Furthermore, Ellipal has a lot to provide; let’s talk about Ellipal features.

No Connection to the Outside World.

Ellipal has no components or ports that can connect to the internet or any other devices. Hence, your private keys will never touch the internet.

Resistant to Physical Attacks.

Your Ellipal device is protected with a password of your choice. And when there are multiple wrong attempts to unlock Ellipal, private data is automatically deleted. Also, that happens when Ellipal detects an attempt to remove its cover, which is impossible to open without leaving permanent damage.

Water and Dust Proof.

Having IP65, Ellipal is water and dust-proof.

QR Code.

All transactions are verified and secured using QR codes. That means all your information is safe.

Multiple Accounts Support.

In addition to its previous features, this one is significant. You can set up multiple accounts on Ellipal. Also, you can add extra security steps like setting up multiple passwords and passphrases.

Supported Cryptos.

Ellipal supports 38 Blockchains and 7000+ Tokens. Ellipal supports an enormous number of crypto; to put it another way, you will mostly find your crypto there.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether are supported, and more.


What Happens if I Lose My Ellipal?

Don’t worry. No one can steal your assets without your mnemonic. Also, you can recover your account in a new cold wallet with your mnemonic.

How Safe Is Ellipal.

Ellipal isn’t connected to the outside world. As a result, your wallet is safe from hackers and viruses. Also, Ellipal is password-protected, And on any wrong attempts to unlock Ellipal, it’ll wipe clean all private data.

Is It Easy to Use Ellipal?

Yes, Setting up an account takes only 4 minutes max. Also, you scan QR code for transactions which is pretty easy to use.

How Ellipal Works?

Simply, you can create a transaction on the Ellipal App and sign with the Ellipal wallet. Also, data is transferred between the Ellipal wallet and the Ellipal app through the QR code that you scan.

What’s Ellipal Pricing?

Ellipal has major features. However, they managed to start at an exceptional price: $139. Also, you can add more items to your cart, like Ultimate Security Bundle, for $29.

What’s Inside Ellipal’s Box?

ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet
Security Adapter
Charging cord
Instruction Manual
Mnemonics Card
ELLIPAL Stickers

What are Ellipal Hardware Specs?

Size: 118 * 66 * 9.7mm
Material: Aluminum alloy
Camera: 5M AF
LCD: 3.97 Inches
Battery: 1400 mAh
Standby Time: 259 hours
Storage Temperature: -20°C to 70°C

Getting Started With Ellipal.

Starting with Ellipal is simple, and setting up your account takes only 4 minutes. In this Ellipal review, we’ll get you through all the steps of getting and starting your Ellipal wallet.

Buying Ellipal.

Firstly, You can buy Ellipal at Ellipal’s website. Also, they have different payment options like PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, and of course, Cryptocurrency.

Download Ellipal App.

After buying Ellipal, you can now download Ellipal App. Also, the Ellipal app is compatible with both Android and IOS. Visit Ellipal’s website to download their App.

Back up Your Mnemonic.

Now, turn on your Ellipal cold wallet and set up your account name and password, and then you’ll see your mnemonic phrases. Please, make sure to back them up in order. In case you lost your Ellipal wallet, That will be the only way to recover your assets.

Connect to Ellipal App.

Afterward, the Ellipal app will ask you to either connect to the Ellipal cold wallet or create a hot wallet. On choosing to connect to a cold wallet, the Ellipal app will ask you to scan the QR codes that will be displayed on your Ellipal device.

Proceeding Transactions.

In addition to the easy setup. Also, making transactions is simple. If you’re receiving any cryptos, you don’t need the cold wallet; you can share your public address using a QR code within the Ellipal App. But, if you’re going to sign transactions out, that’s where you need an Ellipal cold wallet.
Firstly. Enter the recipient’s address, then enter the value of the transaction. Now, Ellipal App will ask to sign the transition using the Ellipal cold wallet.
On Ellipal cold wallet, Select the Crypto you want to send and click ‘Sign.’ Then, Ellipal cold wallet will display a QR code that you need to scan using your Ellipal app.


Your wallet that is connected to the internet or, in other terms, your hot wallet can be compromised by attackers, especially in this phenomenal growth of cryptocurrencies. That comes along with the instability of some hot wallets in some cases.

Actually, we find cold wallets are important, mainly if you rely on cryptos. So, here’s what we had in mind in this Ellipal review.


  • No connection to the outside in any possible way
  • Great Standby time
  • Simple and responsive mobile-orientated software
  • Supports major cryptocurrencies
  • Air-gapped transactions