Exchange Free from sign-up, limits, complications

  • Fees vary

Exchange Free from sign-up, limits, complications

SimpleSwap is an instant cryptocurrency exchange. The service is free from sign-up and has a user-friendly interface that provides an easy exchange process. SimpleSwap offers more than 300 cryptocurrencies to swap and two exchange types: floating and

SimpleSwap Review And Best Alternatives

In this article, SimpleSwap review, you’re learning how to seamlessly swap coins on your wallet with other coins within 15 minutes.

Many traders use crypto swapping platforms other than crypto trading platforms to perform quick exchanges even though the exchange fees might be higher. But that’s because most exchange platforms offer extra features like no identity verification required and buying crypto for fiat.

SimpleSwap has been operating since 2018 and has gained popularity due to its speedy exchanges and supported coins. SimpleSwap, not to mention SimpleSwap’s interactive and straightforward UI, also has very reasonable fees. That’s why, in this post, we decided to highlight SimpleSwap and get you started with the platform.

About SimpleSwap.

SimpleSwap is a user-friendly and reliable instant service for cryptocurrency exchanges. It is an easy-to-use and sign-up-free platform that offers exchanges of more than 900 cryptocurrencies.

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SimpleSwap Features.

SimpleSwap managed to maintain all that’s needed in an exchange platform. In the following part of our SimpleSwap review, we discuss SimpleSwap features you’ll get when using.

Fast Transactions.

Because traders think about speedy transactions the most while using such platforms, you’ll receive your coins within 15 minutes in regular circumstances once your deposit is confirmed.

Fiat to Crypto.

SimpleSwap allows you to buy crypto with fiat using cards such as Visa Mastercard. Not only can you get BTC and ETH, but you can also get different tokens like DAI, TRX, and more.


SimpleSwap has an interactive and simple UI. Moreover, you can complete your transactions within only three steps, and the system will handle the rest.


SimpleSwap is a non-custodial service. As a result, your exchanges on the platforms will be safe and secure. Also, SimpleSwap doesn’t store your information.

Float and Fixed Rates.

When writing, 0.5% of BTC is about 290 USD. What if BTC moved down by 0.5% during your exchange? Especially if you’re exchanging significant amounts. On SimpleSwap, you can choose to proceed with either a floating or fixed rate.

A fixed exchange rate is a rate that matches the amount displayed to the trader at the beginning of the exchange, independent of further rate volatility.

A floating exchange rate is a rate that might change within 1 second Due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency. As a result, you might receive more or less.

Supported Coins.

SimpleSwap supports different coins, so you’re more likely to find what you’re looking for there. Supported include BTC, ETH, LTC, and more that you can check on SimpleSwap website.


Is SimpleSwap Easy to Use?

Yes, SimpleSwap is one of the most accessible exchange platforms you can use. Furthermore, SimpleSwap doesn’t require account registration. Meaning you can complete the whole exchange within 20 minutes.
Also, SimpleSwap has a simple and straightforward interface where everything is self-explained

Is SimpleSwap Safe?

Yes, during your exchange on SimpleSwap, you won’t be asked for any information, and your connection is encrypted. Also, SimpleSwap doesn’t require registration or identity verification.

How Much Are SimpleSwap Fees?

SimpleSwap doesn’t use classical %. They offer customers a specific rate that they get based on market analysis. If the exchange is finished at a better rate than was expected, they get a small profit.

Starting on SimpleSwap.

As mentioned, SimpleSwap is very straightforward, and there’s no sign-up required to complete your exchange. However, we’re taking you through making your first exchange on SimpleSwap in the following part.

Choose Your Pairs.

Firstly, visit SimpleSwap’s website and choose your trading pairs. After that, select either you want a float or a fixed rate for your exchange and enter your wallet’s address.


After that, send the coins you want to exchange to the displayed wallet’s address. Then, confirm the exchange. Once done, you can track your order.


SimpleSwap managed to impress us with how simple and efficient it was. The platform fulfills all that’s needed for a successful exchange platform, and we hope for more coins to be supported soon. Here is our pros and cons list for SimpleSwap.


  • Different coins supported
  • Simple and speedy
  • No sign-up required


  • No fixed fees.