Instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator

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Instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator

Swapzone is an instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that does not require users to deposit their crypto assets to use its services. Explore over 15 supported exchanges on only one page.

Swapzone Review And Best Alternatives

During this article, Swapzone review, we will tour the platform to explore its various features and benefits.

If we are going to count how many crypto exchanges are there, perhaps there are over 380 exchange platforms out there. That results in many things that can directly affect the users. Of course, there will be price differences, and no matter how minor they are, they can still make a huge difference. Furthermore, users will never be able to keep track of prices across all exchanges to get the best rate for their transactions. But luckily, Swapzone provides a solution.

Swapzone is patterned with over 15 exchange platforms to aggregate crypto-to-crypto exchange offers for thousands of cryptocurrency pairs through APIs. These top crypto exchange platforms provide Swapzone users with reliable services and support a wide range of assets.

About Swapzone.

Swapzone is an instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that does not require users to deposit their crypto assets to use its services. Furthermore, Swapzone constantly monitors and compares cryptocurrency exchange rates for various available cryptocurrency pairs supported by different exchange providers.

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Swapzone Features.

Swapzone is full of features that will change your exchanging habits, which we will illustrate during the following part of the Swapzone review.

  • Free service: You will not pay for anything while using Swapzone services.;
  • Simplicity of use: You can complete your exchange in only 3 simple steps, which we will demonstrate later in the article;
  • Supports the most popular exchanges such as Changelly, CoinSwitch, SimpleSwap, N.Exchange, StealthEX, Godex, FixedFloat, Exolix Fixed, Change NOW Fixed, SwapLab, Swft, Swapy, InstaSwap, etc.
  • Very responsive and helpful customer support;
  • Supports over 300 cryptocurrency assets.
  • You can choose between fixed and floating rates.
Swapzone features.
Swapzone features.


How does Swapzone work?

Swapzone provides its customers with an exchange rate, an estimated time for completing the exchange, and, most importantly, ratings and reviews for each exchange platform. Furthermore, many various tools are designed to help you exchange crypto assets as simple as possible.

How does Swapzone aggregate exchange rates?

Swapzone receives exchange rates directly from the exchange service platforms. with Swapzone, the exchange provider that is offering the best exchange rate will be listed at the top. Swapzone also informs the users whether the exchange partner offers floating rate or fixed rate exchanges.
Also, you should note that if you are going with floating rate exchanges, the final amount of cryptocurrency received after the exchange can vary because of the crypto market fluctuations. If you are going to exchange a large amount of crypto, we highly recommend going with a fixed-rate exchange.

What does Swapzone aggregate offer?

Swapzone integrates with the supported exchanges through an API for each supported pair. More than 15 exchange services send data directly to Swapzone. After that, Swapzone sorts the offers out by exchange rate, estimated time, and ratings. And finally, users get transparent information in order to make the final decision.

Why Swapzone?

In today’s world, crypto investing and trading are growing rapidly. Exchanging crypto assets itself has become a whole ecosystem. As we mentioned before, many exchange platforms offer different prices and rates to different classes of traders.
With Swapzone, you will take a look at over 15 exchanges’ prices and decide what’s better for you, considering rates, ratings, and transaction time. Swapzone is one of a kind; we highly recommend it.

Getting Started with Swapzone.

We didn’t expect Swapzone to be that simple and straightforward. During our Swapzone review, we managed to complete an exchange in literally 3 simple steps. In the following part, head to Swapzone main page, and we will guide you through the process of starting on Swapzone and making your first exchange.

Swapzone main page.
Swapzone main page.

Select a pair.

Firstly, choose the trading pair you would like to exchange. We will choose BTC and ETH, for instance. After that, we will specify the BTC amount which we will send.

Select your trading pairs.
Select your trading pairs.

You can also filter the results by rates and partners if you are looking for a specific offer. For that one, we are going for a fixed rate.

Filter the results.
Filter the results.

Select An Offer.

Once you have selected your trading pairs and filters, Swapzone will display the available offers. Each offer will have a rate, estimated time, and reviews, and you can sort the offers according to any of the previous factors.

Select an exchange offer on Swapzone.
Select an exchange offer on Swapzone.

Since ChangeNow offers the best rate and the least estimated time, we are probably going for it. But firstly, we will read some of the reviews.

ChangeNow review on Swapzone.
ChangeNow review on Swapzone.

The reviews are looking very promising; once we are sure of our decisions, click on “Exchange”.

After that, you are required to enter an Address to receive ETH, and you can also enter an address to refund BTC in case of any error and an email address.

Specify wallet address.
Specify wallet address.

Make The Transaction.

Finally, you can make a transaction to the displayed address, and you will receive your coins in the estimated time.

Make your transaction.
Make your transaction.


After our Swapzone review, it is a unique platform that offers a wide range of altcoins and assets. We can comfortably say that Swapzone is a game-changer and problem-solver. Partnering with over 15 of the top exchange platforms, offering their services with no fees, and providing such a simple UI can easily put Swapzone in our top recommendations.


  • Over 15 exchanges supported;
  • Over 300 assets supported;
  • Available on mobile;
  • Simple and easy to use.


  • Doesn’t support buying crypto with credit cards;
  • Doesn’t support crypto-to-fiat exchanges.