Glassnode on a Laptop

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  1. WARNING about Glassnode – With the $29 / Month advanced plan the majority of the metrics that you will want to use are almost useless because these metrics only plot back on the chart for the past 1 month. And since On-chain analysis is more for longer time frames the metrics plotted on the chart does not go back far enough for comparison or for the metric to be useful.

    Definitely check this out and only pay for one month to try it out, Don’t buy for the full year until you try it out and see what i mean. If you buy for 1 year you will save $10 per month which gets it down to $29/month. but try it out for 1st month before you commit.

    Its understandable that with the lower tier “Advanced” plan you won’t get all the really advanced metrics which is fair at this cheaper price point. But the most popular metrics included with this plan only plots on charts for the last 30 days and quite useless for the majority of your charting.

    They are making a big mistake to limit the historical plotting of the metrics on our charts. I left and had to go to their competition, which basically has the same metrics and same plans, but they don’t have the historical/time limitations for the most popular metrics in their $29/month plan.

  2. Thanks for this deep dive article, I would recommend to check out Zerobloks as a good alternative to Glassnode for Bitcoin

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