Apocalypse-proof Bitcoin backup

  • €65.00

Apocalypse-proof Bitcoin backup

Steelwallet is a metal case made by the famous shiftcrypto. With Steelwallet your seed phrase can survive any disaster; therefore, you will never lose your private keys.

Steelwallet Review And Best Alternatives

In this article, Steelwallet review, we will highlight one of the most unique metal plates and explain its features.

Since the crypto big move in general, and Bbitcoin’s specifically, we have been hearing about many people losing crypto worth millions of dollars or even getting stolen. That’s because they ignored storing their private keys in safe places or storing them and then forget about it.

Metal plates are the best solution for the previously mentioned problems. By storing your private keys inside a metal plate, you can be assured that your wallet’s keys will last forever with you. Those metal plates are created to last against water, fire, and any disaster; therefore, you can secure your seed phrase.

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About Steelwallet.

Steelwallet is an offline metal storage tool that protects your recovery words against fire, water, electrical shocks, and corrosion. It consists of engraved stainless steel sheets and an automatic puncher. Each sheet can store 12 recovery words, 6 per side.

Steelwallet Features.

The following part will demonstrate all the features we encountered during our Steelwallet review.


It has apparent instructions, which make it easy to set up. Also, it is low-tech, and there are no additional tools needed.

Your Steelwallet is the most simple to use.
Your Steelwallet is the most simple to use.


Made of stainless steel, it can resist almost everything, including mechanical force, fire, radiation, and corrosion.


Your Steelwallet will never get old! It was last for all the future generations.


It works with all types of wallets. You can also store up to 24 words.

Steelwallet works with all kinds of wallet.
Steelwallet works with all kinds of wallets.

How to Use Steelwallet.

In the following part of our Steelwallet review, we will guide you through setting up your Steelwallet.

1. Have your recovery words at hand.

All your recovery words come from the BIP-39 word list. As a result, you can identify any word by only the first four letters. That’s why you can only punch the first four letters of each word on your Steelwallet.

2. Mark the holes you need to punch.

For example, if the first word of your seed phrase is “adjust,” the first mark would be where column 1 and row A cross. Keep doing that with the first four letters of every word.

3. Check that you’ve marked all spots correctly.

There is no coming back if you punch the wrong letter. Make sure that you have marked all the letters correctly.

4. Take the puncher and punch the spots that you’ve marked.

After having punched the first six words, turn the sheet and punch the next words. After that, repeat until you’ve punched all of your recovery words.


What types of private keys can be stored using Steelwallet?

Steelwallet supports the BIP-39 standard, which allows you to store up to 24 words on your Steelwallet. The words on the BIP-39 word list are chosen so that there is only one word if you know the first four letters of that word. There is no way that there are multiple words that start with the same four letters. That’s why you only need to punch the first four letters of each word of your private keys onto your Steelwallet.

How do I recover my wallet?

To recover your wallet, search the BIP-39 word list with the four letters of each word. Therefore, you will get the whole seed phrase of your wallet.

What comes inside the Steelwallet box?

Inside the box, you will find the following products: 2 engraved stainless steel sheets, one puncher, and one instruction booklet.

Steelwallet box.
Steelwallet box.

How much does Steelwallet cost?

You can get your own Steelwallet for only €65.00, which we find an excellent price considering the features that Steelwallet provides.