Keystone Tablet
Keystone Tablet

Indestructible steel crypto cold storage seed backup solution.

  • $39.00

Indestructible steel crypto cold storage seed backup solution.

Keystone Tablet is a fire and waterproof solution for storing your recovery phrase made entirely of 304-grade stainless steel, down to every letter tile and screw.

Keystone Tablet Review And Best Alternatives

What happens if you lose your seed phrase? Your crypto holdings are not like your bank account; once you lose your seed phrase, it’s not like losing your credit card; you lose access to your wallet. For that matter, many products help you to protect your recovery words; we’ll review them through this article.

What Is Seed Phrase?

Once you create a wallet, it generates a recovery phrase, a sequence of 12, 18, or 24. But what are they used for? They work as your password or credit card PIN; however, there is no way to reset or recover them if lost. That’s why keeping your seed phrase safe is essential, hence keeping your assets safe and secure.

Generally, it’s best to use a case or tablet to save your seed phrase. Such cases are created from specific metals that can resist earthquakes, floods, fire, and corrosion.

Keystone Tablet.

Keystone Tablet is a solution created by Keystone’s team. Also, one of their unique products is the Keystone hardware wallet,, considered one of the best hardware wallets. Therefore, in the next part of our Keystone Tablet review, we’ll take a look and highlight the Keystone Tablet’s best features and alternatives as well.

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The product has all the features that keeping your seed phrase requires. Here are the most remarkable features of the Keystone Tablet.


Designed to be indestructible with a fireproof threshold of 1399 to 1455 ℃ / 2550 to 2651 °F.

Keystone Tablet is resistant to fire.
Resistant to fire.

Corrosion Resistant.

Legendary 304-grade stainless steel resistance to water, salt, and acid.

Keystone Tablet is resistant to corrosion.
Resistant to corrosion.


Designed for easy assembly and convenient storage of 12, 18, or 24-word mnemonic phrases.

Easy to use and user friendly.
Easy to use and user-friendly.

How to Use Keystone Tablet to Secure Your Seed Phrase?

1- Open the Keystone Tablet by sliding it counterclockwise.

2- Using the screwdriver that comes with the box, unscrew the three screws shown in the picture below. Then proceed with inserting the letter tiles in the slots provided

3- Insert the first four letters of each word of your seed phrase. Based on your seed phrase, find the corresponding stainless steel letter tiles and place them in their respective slots.


Why Does The Keystone Tablet Have Only 4 Slots For a Word?

The Keystone Tablet is based on the BIP39 Code used to generate the mnemonic keys. It is a list of 2048 English words that have been carefully curated so that the entire word can be identified with just the first four letters. That’s why the Keystone Tablet has only four-letter slots.
If a word has just three characters, use a letter tile in reverse to fill in the space.

How to Retrieve The Complete Word Based on The First Four Letters?

As we mentioned, there are 2048 words that the BIP39 code generates. Also, each word starts with four unique letters. So, by searching through the list using the first four letters, you can get the complete word quickly.
You can also view the 2048 mnemonic list here.

How Much Does Keystone Tablet Cost?

Keystone Tablet costs only about $24~$49, which we found to be a very competitive price.