Swapzone and StealthEX: Which Is the Better Exchange? Review And Best Alternatives

Swapzone and StealthEX: Which Is the Better Exchange?

In today’s article: Swapzone and StealthEX comparison, we are going to compare two of the best platforms that allow you to swap and exchange coins with no hassle.

Exchange platforms are the main station on traders’ day; with cryptocurrency exchanges, you can exchange crypto for fiat and vice versa. Also, you can swap between different cryptocurrency coins and save yourself time. And during this article, we will go through two of the best platforms in that field.

Swapzone and StealthEX allow cryptocurrencies and swap between cryptocurrencies seamlessly. Therefore, you will seize all trading opportunities.

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Firstly, we are going to compare both platforms’ features in order to give you a comprehensive idea of the entire experience.

1. Swapzone

  • Free service: You will not pay for anything while using Swapzone services.;
  • The simplicity of using: You can complete your exchange in only three simple steps, which we will demonstrate later in the article;
  • Supports the most popular exchanges: Changelly, CoinSwitch, SimpleSwap, N.Exchange, StealthEX, Godex, FixedFloat, Exolix Fixed, Change NOW Fixed, SwapLab, Sresponsive, InstaSwap, etc.
  • Very responsive and helpful customer support;
  • Supports over 300 cryptocurrency assets: You get to swap between over 300 cryptocurrency assets; therefore, you will have variety. Swapzone can be your one-stop exchange platform.
  • Floating and Fixed rates: With Swapzone, you will get to choose either to complete y; therefore with a floating rate, therefore, you might get more or less crypto depending on the exact price of the purchase at the moment of making the exchange. Or, you can go with a fixed rate, and Swapzone will set a price near the floating and get the same exact crypto that you proceeded with at the first step of making the exchange.
View different rates on exchanges through Swapzone and choose what suits you better.
View different rates on exchanges through Swapzone and choose what suits you better.
Complete your exchange through Swapzone and get the best rates.
Complete your exchange through Swapzone and get the best rates.

2. StealthEX

  • Registration-free: You don’t need registration in order to use StealthEX. Just head to stealthex.io and start swapping cryptocurrency or buying crypto by using your credit card.
  • Private: StealthEX is a service providing non-custodial cryptocurrency exchanges. You do not have to create an account or disclose any personal information to use the platform. Moreover, users do not store the funds on StealthEX – the exchanges are performed wallet-to-wallet.
  • Limitless: Frankly, it’s not easy to find a platform that doesn’t require a KYC and, at the same time, has no upper limits. But, with StealthEX, you can perform as many exchanges as you want with no limits. As for the minimum amounts, you will only need to have enough to cOnerk fees.
  • Friendly: StealthEX is definitely one of the most user-friendly exchange platforms you’ll encounter. You can complete your exchange within only four steps, nothing more. Also, their support team is up 247/7, and you can always contact them whenever you have any trouble.
Make your exchanges easily on StealthEX without wasting your time.
Completing an exchange on StealthEX will take you only a couple of minutes.

2. Supported Coins.

It’s essential that platforms support as many crypto coins as possible. In fact, Swapzone and StealthEX support a huge variety of coins, more in the following table.

Supported CoinsWe are amazed by the number of cryptocurrencies that Swapzone managed to add to their platform. Swapzone supports over 300 cryptocurrencies and altcoins, all in one place. For further information, refer to Swapzone website.StalthEX is nothing less than Swapzone. As a matter of fact, StealthEX supports over 350 cryptocurrencies and altcoin establishing itself as one of the most supporting exchanges for cryptocurrency. Visit StealthEX website for further information.
Supported cryptocurrency coins by Swapzone and StealthEX.

3. Ease of Use.

Both platforms are super easy to use. In fact, you will complete your exchange in less than five minutes. Also, both platforms allow you to buy/sell and exchange cryptocurrencies.

The process consists of 3 stages. Firstly, you have to specify your trading pairs ETH/BTC for example. Following that, you need to choose and agree to the rate that the platform offers. And finally, make your side of the deposit to the displayed wallet address and also specify the address of the wallet where you’d like to receive your coins.

4. Pros and Cons.

ProsOver 15 exchanges supported;
Over 300 assets supported;
Available on mobile;
Simple and easy to use.
No fees
No upper limit
No KYC required
Easy and simple to use
ConsWe haven’t found any.There is no fixed fees as it varies depending on the selected coin.
Swapzone and StealthEX pros and cons list.

5. Exchanges Fees.

FeesThe most amazing thing about Swapzone is it is completely free. You are not going to pay any extra fees while exchanging and trading on Swapzone.The fees vary depending on the currencies you have chosen and the amount to swap. StealthEX makes sure to calculate and include all the possible fees in the transaction estimate and present it to their customers before they make an informed decision to exchange their crypto assets.
Swapzone and StealthEX Trading Fees.

Swapzone and StealthEX are both very great platforms for making crypto exchanges and swapping between trading pairs.

There are strong points for each platform; it would be much better if you give both platforms a try in order to find which one you are more comfortable with. Furthermore, you can check out our detailed review for Swapzone and StealthEX, where we covered everything in detail. In each review, we talked in-depth and also explained how to make your first transaction.

Swapzone might have an advantage over StealthEX as it gives its services for free with no fees. Also, Swapzone aggregates prices from top exchanges and displays all the rates for you; therefore, you get to choose the best rate in the market.

Finally, we would love to know your thoughts on this Swapzone and StealthEX review in the comments section below, and we will reply to you as soon as we can.