Bitsgap and Quadency Comparison: Which Trading Bot Is Better? Review And Best Alternatives

Bitsgap and Quadency Comparison: Which Trading Bot Is Better?

In today’s article: Bitsgap and Quadency comparison, we are comparing two of the best crypto trading bots to find out which one is more suitable for you. 

Cryptocurrency Trading Bots. 

There is no doubt that trading bots are becoming so popular among traders, especially novice traders. Due to the many advantages you can get from trading bots, your bots will save you lots of time and effort. Therefore, we are comparing two of the best for you. 

Trading bots such as Bitsgap and Quadency connect to your exchange platform through an API key. That access permits your bots to make trades through its platform. As a result, you can manage multiple exchange accounts at the same place with no hassle. 

Before we get into this comparison, we highly recommend checking our detailed article on trading bots to get the full view and essential points. 

1. Features.


  • Trading Terminal & Order Types: By using Bitsgap’s trading terminal, you can still trade across multiple exchanges with access to many powerful tools, removing the need for opening several tabs for different platforms. 
  • Signals: Instantly, you will get updated if there are any anomalies in the market to take the chance and make trades if you want; therefore, you are not missing any good trading chance.
  • Portfolio Tracking: Bitsgap will keep a record of your portfolio so that you can view your trading history and learn from your previous trades across all exchanges. 
  • Automated Trading With Bots: In addition to all the features, platform users have various trading bots at their disposal to take a more passive approach to cryptocurrency trading. Different types of bots will follow distinctive patterns and approaches, enabling users to tap into a trading revenue stream. 
  • The DCA Bot: Bitsgap recently introduced a DCA bot to help users during bullish, bearish, and sideways market conditions. The trading tool offers multiple features, including more accurate entry and exit options, risk management options, and more. 
  • Grid Bot: The purpose of the Grid Bot is to help users generate profit from small price changes in either direction. Therefore, It is an excellent tool for markets in sideways momentum, enabling users to automatically deploy a grid to follow the overarching trend. 
  • Demo Exchange: Learn Bitsgap and get familiar with it using demo exchange. You can make a demo exchange to get better at trading and at Bitsgap! 
Bitsgap Trading Terminal
Bitsgap Trading Terminal
Bitsgap Arbitrage Bot.
Bitsgap Arbitrage Bot.


  • Dashboard: It works seamlessly. Showing you all your holdings across all your exchanges with a graphical overview. You have the luxury to choose whether you want to see the context of a specific account or your entire portfolio. 
  • Backtest: Simulate bots’ strategy before committing real funds. It will show you the strategy’s performance in a past period, assuming that if it worked before, it’s more likely to work again. 
  • Portfolio: It will show you a live-generated look at your holding. And just like the dashboard, you can choose whether you want to see all your holdings combined or see for a specific exchange account. 
  • Automated Bots: Bots in Quadency are unique. That is to say, you’ll be able to automate all your trades on a strategy of your choice. You’ll be able to apply it to all your exchange accounts connected. And they have various bots. 
Quadency Portfolio Manager.
Quadency Portfolio Manager.
View Bots' Performance on Quadency.
View Bots’ Performance on Quadency.

2. Supported Exchanges.

 Bitsgap Quadency 
Supported Exchanges Bitsgap connects to 15 exchange platforms, including top platforms such as Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase, and more. You can read more on Bitsgap websiteQuadency supports 13 exchanges that you can connect to through an API key and automate your trades, or you can also trade manually. Exchanges include Binance, Kucoin, and Kraken. Read more here
Bitsgap and Quadency Supported exchanges. 

3. Pros and Cons. 

 Bitsgap Quadency 
Pros 1. A lot of functions, all in one place. 
2. Trading bots are easy and efficient. 
3. 3 weeks free trial to help you make up your mind. 
4. Free plan if you are on a budget. 
5. Arbitrage and market signals. 
1. All-in-one crypto trading platform. 
2. Automated trading bots. 
3. Visual portfolio manager. 
Cons 1. Few Trading bots to choose from. 
2. No mobile app. 
1. No mobile trading app. 
Bitsgap and Quadency pros and cons list. 

4. Pricing. 

 Bitsgap Quadency 
Pricing Bitsgap plans start at $29/mo for the basic plan, $69/mo for the advanced plan, and $149 for the pro plan. And you can get 17% off if you choose to pay 6 months in advance. You can read further information about Bitsgap pricingQuadency has a different type of pricing. Your tier depends on how much QUAD you hold. QUAD is the platform’s cryptocurrency. The more QUAD you hold, the fewer fees you pay, and the more features you get. You can read more here
Bitsgap and Quadency plans. 

After this Bitsgap and Quandency comparison, we can indeed say that both platforms are two of the best automated trading platforms due to the 

Unfortunately, neither of the platforms has a free plan where you can experiment with the platform’s features before paying for a subscription. As a result, we highly recommend reading more about both to get a comprehensive idea.

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